I'm quite reluctant about using this blog for things like this, but my team all assures me that a once or twice a year use of this sort will not compromise or cheapen the blog. 

             You'll get what nobody else gets:  the context.  Leanna Hale Barth was an intern nearly a decade ago, married an apprentice, Eric, and the two of them joined our team full time.  They live on the farm and are now as important to Polyface as any Salatin.  Eric is apprentice manager and Leanna has been inventory manager for several years. 

             They have two children, 4 and 2, and another one is on the way in late January.  With those increased responsibilities, Leanna realizes she cannot continue the inventory responsibilities she's held.  She will continue to be ultimately in charge, but she needs an assistant to do the lifting and hands-on working she's been doing.  Furthermore, our shipping and packing is increasing to the point she couldn't do it all by herself anymore anyway. 

             So this seemed like a good time to open up a slot for a new team member on our permanent staff.  That's the background, and here's the plan.  We welcome any and all interest.  Thank you for indulging this use of the blog.  My apologies.



Salary Position starting at $36,000 annually, paid monthly

                        About 40 hours per week           

                        Growth potential with efficiency and responsibility


Job Requirements 

            ~Must be capable of lifting 60-80 pounds on a daily basis

            ~Job requires working in -10 degree F freezers for a minimum of 10-15 hours a                                     week

            ~Must be able to plan and organize freezer space



            ~Must be very well organized

            ~Have attention to little details

            ~Problem solve

            ~EXCELLENT customer service skills

            ~Team player

            -Interest in local craft food


Job Responsibilities

            ~Packing customer orders 3-4 times per week

            ~Packing and shipping orders, weekly

            ~Packing and loading restaurant orders, 1 time a week (with help)

            ~Communicating when orders will be completed and ready for processing

            ~Sorting and Managing meat inventory

                        ~Weekly pick up of meat, typically Wednesday afternoon

                        ~Unloading meat

                        ~Sorting, categorizing, and totals of all cuts of meat

            ~Managing and stocking retail store

            ~Keeping all work areas (freezers, packing shed, storage shed) clean, organized,                         `and tidy.

            ~Scheduling and meeting customers as necessary during business hours for                         `            `special orders being picked up on farm.



            Workman's Comp

            Flexible hours and scheduling

            Two weeks vacation

            Most national holidays

            Substantial Polyface product discount

            Family friendly community-oriented workplace


Is it okay to use this blog for an announcement like this once in a blue moon? 

Email with resume /information. Application deadline 10/18/20