I had one of the most exciting days I've had in a long time yesterday.  I spent the day with three attorneys at the top of federal government agencies.  I won't divulge more specifics than that, but they were high enough to be presidential appointments.  That's high.

 They spent the day with me--I even cooked them omelets (Teresa was gone for the day)--to see what could be done to cut through regulatory hurdles that make it difficult for farmers to sell and for local consumers to buy from farmers.  These guys came in with President Trump, and they will go out if he loses the next election.

 This is not a post to beat Trump's drum--he does that enough himself.  It is a post to help you understand that food is THE ultimate bipartisan bridge.

 What did I tell them?  We had numerous far-ranging discussion threads, but the main one I pushed toward the end of the day was this:  Republicans are viewed as the friend of Monsanto and everything corporate.  It's unfair, of course, because President Obama named Michael Taylor, the Monsanto attorney who shepherded genetically modified organisms into existence, as his czar of food safety.   Yeah, right.

But the perception is there, nonetheless.

 Can you imagine what the left would do if Trump championed a directive mandating the right of people to purchase the food of their choice from the source of their choice?  The justification, of course, would be a foodie's dream.  It would guarantee you and me the right to sue the government for discrimination if I couldn't buy raw milk from a farmer, or pepperoni from that food crafting deacon at church, or chicken soup from Aunt Matilda.

 The roll out messaging would include the notion that the answers to nutrient deficiency, food pathogens, farmer suicides, and the stranglehold of the industrial food complex is to allow consenting adults to engage in food choice.  Bring all the new bedroom lingo into the kitchen.  Wouldn't that be the coolest thing?  It would make the left's head explode, the ultimate stealth takeover.

 It would be equivalent to Dan Cathy, founder and main owner of Chik-fil-A responding to the protestors over his "one man one woman" position saying:  "we believe in the Bible so much that we believe in respecting life, so we're going to start getting our chickens only from farms where chickens can express their chickenness and be fed non-GMO food."  Wow, that would have turned the tables.

 The left owns the ecological, integrity food space.  If the right championed that from liberty rather than more government tyranny, it would muddy the partisan waters, which is always fun to see.

 What food would you like to buy that is currently illegal?