Today is Thanksgiving, time to be thankful and express gratitude to people, God, trials, successes and failures.

 For me, the must humbling, grateful thing is to realize that I can participate in land redemption.  Having watched soil grow, carbon sequester, immune systems strengthen, and patrons by the thousands find healing through integrity nutrient-dense food, I'm thankful to say that I have not sat on the bleachers watching.

 Both the responsibility and privilege of being able to extend redemptive capacity in such a practical, visceral way, whether it's to earthworms or earth muffins (greenies), feeds the mind, body and spirit with sacredness.  Perhaps the most common urban questions I'm asked is:  "Okay, I want to help.  What can I do?"  People yearn to be helpful, to be pro-active and I can honestly say I have never wondered for something to do. 

 It has always been right there outside the back door.  One day it's spreading compost.  Another day, like yesterday, it's pruning junk-type trees and chipping them for a carbonaceous diaper to make compost.  Another day it's planting a tree or tomato.  The idea that I might not be able to participate never crosses my mind.  For that, today, I'm thankful.

 When my daughter Rachel was about 12 years old, she and a couple of friends did a little newsletter.  At Thanksgiving, I remember Rachel writing how thankful she was for "work," because "think of what a chaotic world it would be without it."  Amen.  And work done properly is noble.  All of us who know our work is righteous and who get to passionately enjoy it every day are blessed indeed.

 How are you participating in the healing?