The intersection of government health care, public education, institutional indoctrination, lack of confidence, and growing socialistic beliefs are driving vaccine tyranny to a new level.  Big pharma and their bureaucrat lackeys feel empowered like never before and the bullying increases.

 Charles Frohman, who operates the Freedom Hub Working Group, had a wonderful reach out that I think bears quoting here:

 Questions to ask . . .  include how is it ethical to mandate treatments by an industry exempt from liability; why are self-thinking parents bullied by docs when they ask about acknowledged risks; why hasn’t HHS [Health and Human Services] complied with the law on updated safety studies; why are the Pharma- and govt studies so unconvincing; why the epidemic of auto-immune, chronic and neurological disorders; and why are media stories so embarrassingly one-sided?

 And why will the hearing invite no doctors and scientists who have blown the whistle - like DOJ’s star witness Zimmerman (who changed his mind on safety) or the CDC’s [Centers for Disease Control] own William Thompson, who admitted lying in his 2004 study that vaccines don’t cause autism (see Congressman Posey’s floor statement, greeted by....silence).

 Don't wander off in the weeds on this--it was sent regarding a hearing in Richmond yesterday--but I wanted to bring it up because I think the questions he asks are valid and astute.  Many people don't realize that Vaccine Courts have awarded millions of dollars to people who have proved harm.  That does not make the front pages; it doesn't even enter the discussions.

 I didn't copy his whole post here, but thought it interesting that apparently growing evidence shows a link between smallpox vaccinations in children and shingles in later life.  This whole vaccine bullying is reminiscent of many historical bullyings, from Salem witch trials to slavery to mandatory milk pasteurization to marginalization of women who choose not to work outside the home (Hillary's tea and cookies condescension) the food pyramid and lawn care ordinances that preclude wildlife-life friendly urban corridors.

 The default position, it seems, is to demonize and criminalize people different than us.  Personal autonomy is such a close cousin of basic human rights that they can barely be separated.  How can I ever express personal stewardship of myself or my stuff if society disallows the freedom to choose?  I do not consider self-harm as societal harm.  Would I like to help someone self-harming?  Of course, but to pass a law against self-harm is unworkable.

 And if vaccination is so all-fired valuable IN OUR SOCIETY, why do folks who get vaccinated fear those who don't?  If vaccination actually is efficacious, if I'm vaccinated and find myself in a room full of unvaccinated people, why am I suddenly the one who should be scared?  If I drink risky raw milk, it doesn't make you sick, so why should you care if I drink risky raw milk?  I'm very aware that just because something works in one context does not mean it will work in another.  In places where sanitation is still a big issue, where open sewers and human excrement in the house are normal, vaccinations arguable are a wonderful thing.  But that ain't here.

 The ONLY justification for criminalizing self-harm is if society owns me and I don't own my own personhood.   The problem with mandatory help is that it necessarily creates mandatory intervention, which creates mandatory behaviors.  That seamless thread occurs regardless of government type.

 I'm extremely friendly with numerous Amish and Mennonite groups.  One doesn't allow its people to use electric fence.  If someone wants to use it, they either have to leave the community or submit to the restriction.  That's a government intervention that is largely voluntary inasmuch as folks can leave if they want.

 But in a country, when this happens, where do I go?  That is why the framers of the constitution used the term "happiness" as an all-encompassing term to define personal jurisdiction.  It's hard to pursue happiness when I can't tell my arm what to do or my feet where to go or my mouth what to ingest.  The height of tyranny is imposing society's groupthink or orthodoxy on individual members.  That is the definition of tyranny:  refusing to let a lunatic fringe exist.  In a time when our culture loves to talk about "tolerance," I don't see much, especially from the mandatory vaccine bullies.  You cannot have large freedom and big government; they don't co-exist.

 How do you feel about folks who don't vaccinate, or parents who feed their kids raw milk?