I'm about to bust. 

 If you've never been to a Mother Earth News fair, you've missed perhaps the most comprehensive assembly of do-it-yourselfers in the country.  These fairs, held 6 times around the country each year, were developed by former publisher Bryan Welch about 10 years ago and have become a mainstay of the MEN community.

 Over a weekend, some 3-5,000 people convene on a fairgrounds site for workshops, trade shows and fellowship.  It's a gathering and rallying point for the self reliance community.  Interestingly, an audit commissioned a few years ago of the MEN constituency revealed a 50-50 split between those who consider themselves extremely liberal and those who consider themselves extremely conservative.

 I don't know of another gathering point where such diverse political opinions come together under one tent of farm/food integrity.  From Creator worshippers to creation worshippers, it's an eclectic blend of people who agree on personal responsibility to change civilizational trajectories. 

 JULY 17-18, 2020, IT'S COMING TO POLYFACE!!!!!!!

 Of course, we'll bring in the ACRES USA constituency as well as the Stockman Grass Farmer constituency for the biggest, baddest on farm integrity-world shindig you've ever seen.  I'm giddy with excitement and anticipation. 

 When we did our last Polyface Field Day, we had 1,700 people and knew we could not repeat this without a partner and additional farm access.  Since then, we've acquired the adjacent property, which gave us a second farm entrance across the river.  And it spread out our bottleneck for parking and access. 

 Many, many people have contacted us since we terminated that event, wishing we would revive it.  Last year I approached the leadership at MEN and pitched the idea.  You know what was amazing?  They had been stewing about asking me to do it but were too timid to ask!  So when I broached it, Andrew Perkins and Robert Riley, the two gurus of the MEN fairs, looked at each other, grinned, slapped their knees and said "Alright!"  And here we are, with a date and a plan, and a partnership.

Fairgrounds are okay, but hosting this on an actual working farm offers a heightened experience and the ability to do things you can't do at a fairground.  We can demonstrate electric fence set-ups, visit real ponds, cut a tree, build a garden bed.  Up to 300 vendors will showcase the latest greatest in alternative energy, alternative wellness, craft and integrity farm infrastructure.  Whenever you think you're the only knee that hasn't bowed to Monsanto or the USDA, this fair will show you that our tribe is vibrant, growing, and innovating.

 You heard it here first.  Go ahead and mark your calendar right now.  This is a must-go event; we hope it'll launch an awareness and a can-do spirit in the mid-Atlantic region that will be like a giant snowball rolling downhill.  It'll roll over the naysayers.  Roll over the chemical companies, the drug pushers, the finger waggers.  Yes, it's time.  Let's do this.

 Will you join us?

 PS:  Please share this with your friends.  I don't ask often, but I know if I don't ask it's out of sight, out of mind.  Let's show the world that plenty of us are ready to heal things for a change.