Whether I'm speaking at a college, an urban foodie event, or answering questions from someone in the media, here are the three most common requests:

1.  Can you feed the world?

2.  Can people afford it?

3.  Are you an elitist?

Pricing is quite a science and varies significantly from venue to venue.  But let's take my price for 100 percent grass finished ground beef if you buy more than one pound:  30 cents an ounce.  We don't sell it by the ounce, but stay with me for some comparisons.  Got that?   30 cents an ounce.

I turn again to Diana Rodgers, R.D., who truly gets it.  She recently looked at the price and nutrition of 10 Wal-Mart options.  I will forego the nutrition for the sake of brevity.  Here are the prices per ounce:

Snickers                                                                                  .39

Duchess Chocolate Donuts                                                    .39

Morning Star Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger                       .39

Tofurkey Slices                                                                        .52

Beyond Meat--Beefy Crumbles                                               .41

Daiya Cheddar Style Slices                                                     .64

Strawberries                                                                            .43

Vegan Pure Protein Powder                                                   1.25

Goji Berries                                                                             1.25

Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies                                           .40

I rest my case.

So who can afford my grass-finished beef?  EVERYONE!  Who is really the elitist?

Do you ever feel guilty for buying integrity food?