Continuing my exposure of government industrial organic adulteration, here is a chilling and telling pronouncement sent out by Cornucopia recently. 

Colin and Karen Archipley own Archi’s Acres near San Diego, where organic crops like this basil grow in nutrient enriched water, never touching any soil.

“Everything we have in these systems that you see behind us is exactly the same thing that you are going to find in soils, minus a soil particle which is inert, so its just another media,” said Colin Archipley.

They say hydroponic techniques allow them to be more efficient and sustainable. “We use up to 90% less water and we have 3 to 5 times the crop. So what that means is we can feed our community at a price they can afford. And that means a lot to us,” said Karen Archipley.

Did you notice that these government industrial certified organic growers called soil "inert?"  More beings inhabit a double handful of healthy soil than there are people on the face of the earth, and these charlatans have the hubris, the unmitigated arrogance, to call soil "inert?"

But their food goes right into the supermarket under the government certified organic label without clarification, without any differentiation with product grown in biologically active soil.  It's a disgrace.  I call it IV food.  Yes, IVs mighjt keep  you alive during trauma, but would you be healthy, active, and vibrant on nothing by IVs your whole life?  The hydroponic folks would say yes.  I'd say no.

When they say "less water" how do they think they got that water without soil and plants grown in soil?  The hydrologic cycle does not begin and end in a tube.  And 3 to 5 times the crop sounds good, unless the crop has no nutrition.

This is why I don't play games with the government; everything the government touches turns into adulteration.  Why would anyone want to give the government more power?  This is not about big corporations.  It's not about bad politicians.  It's the old game of hoodwinking the people through centralized power. 

It doesn't really matter if that power is elected, appointed, or simply victorious in a coup.  The disrespect toward soil shown by these farmers who enjoy the government industrial organic label is shameful and illustrates why you can't trust the government for honesty, safety, or much of anything.  Know your farmer, know your food. 

Do you have organic produce in your fridge grown without soil?