Every year we offer 3  two-day Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminars (PIDS) limited to 30 folks and including 6 meals.  It's worth coming just for the meals.  ACRES USA magazine handles all the registrations.

             We essentially cram 4 days of teaching into 2 days.  Sunup to sundown with no breaks, it's like drinking from a firehose.  I do 75 percent of the teaching, but others take certain portions so I can go to the bathroom or rest my voice.  Attendees just have to go behind a tree.  ha!

             For some reason, this year we had a large waiting list, much larger than normal, and since we're greedy capitalists who pay taxes, we decided for the first time ever, to offer a fourth PIDS:  Aug. 9-10. 

             We also wanted to try to accommodate the waiting list knowing that next year we will not do these PIDS due to hosting the Mother Earth News fair July 17-18.  Preparing for a potential 10,000 people and 300 vendors and food trucks will take all our energy for the summer.

             Once we decided last week to offer a fourth PIDS this year, we'd like to fill it up.  It takes no more effort to talk to 34 people than it does 30 people.  So I'm doing a rare sales pitch to make sure word gets out there and the remaining few slots fill.  While this is not a true "hands on" seminar, it's as close as you can get without getting bloody and dirty.  We process chickens, process rabbits, build compost, cut trees, chip limbs, move cows, move pigs, move chickens and talk marketing. 

             It's a comprehensive, fast-paced two days designed to saturate your head with ideas.  In fact, the reason we stop at 2 days is because nobody can handle a 3rd.

If this interests you, holler.    You can call 512-892-4400 or pull up the ACRES USA

website to register.  You can always call Polyface with questions as well, at 540-885-3590 during business hours.

             Has anyone been to one of these and if so, what was your takeaway?