For the last two days here at the farm we've enjoyed a brother-sister video crew doing a documentary focusing on the merits of meat eating and the detriment of veganism.  Few things have captured the food movement like the need to defend omnivores against the onslaught of militant anti-livestock folks.

I've been told that I can't possibly love anything because I do violence against animals by slaughtering them and then eating them.  Of course, agenda-driven scientists accuse me of encouraging global warming due to the burps and flatulence of cows. 

When I was in England in April a farmer used a line that I've repeated in order to remember it:  "Vegetarianism is an urban disease."  That captures the essence of the anti-animal movement as well as anything I've heard.  Only wealthy people in cities could be disconnected enough from life and practical ecology to advance the anti-animal argument.  But I digress.

The reason for this documentary is because, like so many long-term vegetarians and vegans, this lady lost her health.  She went to India and stayed with a vegan family and saw how bad their health was.  Then she started going downhill.  That led her on a search and she found Paleo, Weston A. Price Foundation and other luminaries in the animal-utilizing tribe.

After she started eating meat, her health returned and she's a vivacious, vibrant lady now.  Except now she's on a mission to explain the foolishness and devastating consequences of a non-meat diet.  This is one of several documentaries in the works right now, trying to reclaim reason in the food and farming space.  That's a good thing and I hope other folks who've experienced the devastating consequences of long-term animal-less-ness will pick up the story.

Notice I'm being careful to say "long-term."  That's because cleanses and fasts with a highly narrow or frugal diet can have extremely positive effects.  But just because it works short-term doesn't mean it will yield the same benefits long-term.  Fasting is a perfect example.

Have you personally or do you know someone who has suffered at the hands of the anti-animal prejudice?