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Warm up to the joys of home cheesemaking with this mozzarella making and stretching class! Led by home cheesemaker Louella Hill (author of Kitchen Creamery), we'll learn how milk turns into curds and whey. We'll talk about which milk to use, rennet, cheese cultures and more. Finally, we'll get down to the fun and start to stretch fresh mozzarella into all shapes and sizes. Fold in your fanciest salt or make mozzarella roulade using garden pesto. Finally fill your plate and your belly with......Lastly, head homeward with the recipes and the milk sources to do it all again. 

Class will take place on Saturday, Sept 22, 2-5 p.m. at Polyface Farm. We will utilize the beautiful, grass based milk of Creambrook Farm in Middlebrook, VA.

For more information on Louella, visit her website:

For more info on Creambrook...

Tickets are $85/pp and include:
*3-hour hands-on class in the fields of Polyface
*Mozzarella and fresh tomato tasting w fresh bread from
Newtown Baking, olive oil and locally made shrub
*Blind milk tasting of local raw milk
*Polyface sausage tasting
*Take home cheeses from class
*Take home recipes with additional resources
*Take-home cheese making supplies (rennet, citric acid, cheese

A HUGE thank you to the insanely talented Kate-Simon Lifestyle Photography for the image from her online gallery

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Later Event: October 6