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Wellness Summit

Saturday, September 14, 9:30-4:00

Polyface Farms in partnership with Dr. Zach Bush, guru of soil and gut microbiome fame, invites professional wellness practitioners and their families and staff to a day of encouragement, inspiration, and education.

Too often folks on the periphery of the healing arts find ourselves marginalized and ostracized by the pharmaceutical and institutional orthodoxy.

If you practice acupuncture, aromatherapy, essential oils, herbology, chiropractic, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition therapy, fitness coaching, frequency modulation and other fringe therapies as a professional, this is a day of support, friendliness, and encouragement. And yes, licensed medical doctors are welcome too.

Cost: $40 per adult; children under 12 free (family friendly). Limited to 300 adults, first come, first served.