For a second day, I'm dipping into my collection of inspiring messages.

I've stared at these and meditated on them for many years.  Each time I find them profound and provocative.  Read carefully and thoughtfully and I think you'll agree.

 Here are Ghandi's 7 Deadly Sins:

 1.  Wealth without work

 2.  Commerce without morality

 3.  Politics without principle

 4.  Worship without sacrifice

 5.  Pleasure without conscience

 6.  Science without humanity

 7.  Knowledge without character

 The easiest thing is to read this list with others in mind.  "Those" people; all of "them".  Pointing the finger at others is easy.  Now please reread this list looking inward rather than outward.  Kind of changes things, doesn't it?

 For example, "commerce with morality" speaks to buying immoral or frivolous things, like factory farmed animals and lottery tickets.

 How about "science without humanity?"  How's my high-tech obsession relative to relationships?

 Awareness is the beginning of change.  Awareness of others' weaknesses is easy; awareness of my own takes stillness and concentration.  Don't tell me you don't struggle with these.  Forget those pesky Democrats, or pesky Republicans.   What about me?  Yes, the face in the mirror.  I'd say for me it's the third one; politics without principle.  Hey, I'm a marketer, communicator, performer.  I want people to like me.  Staying true and authentic is tough and risky.  I'd rather just go with the flow--does that surprise you?  Every day I have to confront myself and ask the question:  am I going to be true today, or wishy-washy?  That's a daily, even moment by moment decision.  May 2019 be the year of being true to myself.

  Which of these do you struggle with most?