When Prince Charles wrote HARMONY:  A NEW WAY OF LOOKING AT OUR WORLD, published in 2010, it received scant attention in the orthodox media.  But its profoundness has many applications, not the least of which is occurring in Louisville, Kentucky.

 With seed money from philanthropist Christina Lee Brown, the Green Heart project is the most comprehensive multi-disciplinary effort in the world to study the relationship of human health and a greener nest. And I don't mean recycling.  I mean trees, shrubs, biomass, chlorophyll.  A massive tree planting and green landscape project,  the $13 million effort is trying to quantify the air cleansing and hydration enhancing properties of plants in an urban setting.

 Meditate on these Harmony Health Goals:

 Environmental health:  Do not forget that health for soil, plant, animal, and human is one and indivisible.

 Spiritual health:  Understand that love of the natural world is an intrinsic part of faith in God.

 Economic health:  Count the social and environmental costs of all that we do and do not do.

 Intellectual health:  Incorporate in a single principle economic, social, and ecological health.

 Psychological health:  Respect the psychic need of all people for dignity, compassion, and hope.

 Physical health:  Assume responsibility for a healthy lifestyle in healthy surroundings.

 Cultural health:  Value traditions of the past and embrace the new demographic of diversity.

 Nutritional health:  If it is not good for your health, don't eat it.

 I find these profound almost beyond expression.  Take some time to meditate on them.  It'll be good for your soul.

 Which one do you find the most compelling?  For me, it was the last one.