As I struggled with what would be the most appropriate posting for Christmas Day, I decided to express gratitude to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

             This is a non-profit that is dedicated to a simple concept:  that "all Americans should be able to purchase the food of their choice from the source of their choice."  Such a simple notion, yet a host of orthodoxy, from consumer protection advocates to Monsanto spend a great deal of time making sure such freedom does not occur.

             I've been involved with FTCLDF from its inception.  Like all fledgling nonprofits, it's gone through ups and downs, but after more than 10 years it's finding legs and gaining ground.  I don't know another outfit more dedicated or which has done more to preserve the freedom to choose your own food.

             With partner attorneys now in 40 states, their ability to offer real time legal representation to farmers harassed by tyrannical food police is increasingly effective.  They provide a 24/7/365 hotline for farmers to call when the food gumshoes show up.  They offer work-around templates to promote direct sales.

             In 2018, I donated several days to them for fund-raising activities in Oregon and Kentucky.  Our farm has used FTCLDF several times over the years when we've been crossways of the food police.  If you've never had your product impounded, been accused of violating a regulation or denied the ability to sell food craft, it's hard to imagine the empowerment that an FTCLDF attorney can provide.

             My dream is for the FTCLDF to be as powerful as the NRA (National Rifle Association).  This is not a slam of the NRA (I'm a member) but rather a frustration that one would be so powerful and the other not.  When Americans care as much about freedom to eat as freedom to shoot, we'll have a different country.  I think even NRA haters can agree with me on that.

             So here's my unabashed and unconditional endorsement with an ask:  how about donating something to this wonderful outfit?  Here are the connections:   or  703-208-3276   or FTCLDF,  8116 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 263, Falls Church,  VA  22042.   Thank you.

             They have no idea I'm doing this; I'm putting this word out because they are worthy, because they've helped us stay in business, and because I believe strongly in their mission and am incredibly grateful.  Thank you for stepping up.

             Have you joined FTCLDF?