To my knowledge, I've never had a headache.  I just don't know what it is.  But for those who suffer something called a migraine, it must be horrible.  When folks describe them to me, I cringe.  It's beyond my imagination.

 In a WISE TRADITIONS (Weston A. Price Foundation) magazine, a lady describes her trauma from recurring migraines in a way that's actually painful to read.  Doing her own research, she determined the cause as monosodium glutamate (MSG).

 But that's not the interesting thing.  To me, the interesting revelation is that MSG is often not on the label as MSG.  According to the article:  "I already had been looking for 'MSG' on ingredient lists, but I had not realized that it was in 95 percent of processed foods under other names, including yeast extract, soy protein, and protein isolates."

 I could go a couple of different directions with this.  You can't trust labels.  That's one direction.  Another is to not buy processed foods, but that wouldn't be fair to those of us who make processed foods like frozen stock without any additives.

 I think the main thing here is to buy from reputable companies that share your philosophy.  I'm tired of value.  It's overused.  How about philosophy? What does the company believe?  What does it think? What does the founder/president read and talk about?  Check out what's in the magazine rack beside the toilet, for crying out loud.  Kind of like "what's in your wallet?"  "What's by your toilet?"

 Sometimes I'm afraid we don't really empower people when we say read the label because labels can either misrepresent or under-report.  Labeling laws are a labyrinth contrived to obfuscate and confuse. 

 No, the answer is know the outfit, know the food.  And don't shop at Wal-Mart--FOR ANYTHING!  Or Costco.  Let's withdraw our support from these outfits.  If we'd start buying based on outfit philosophy, we'd get integrity lots faster.

 Do you know your food outfit?