According to WISE TRADITIONS magazine published by the Weston A. Price Foundation, in 2018 an independent gold standard Cochrane Review reported that flu shots fail 98-99 percent of the time.  Even public health officials agree that 50 percent failure is normal.

 The Centers for Disease Control reported that the vaccines for the most prevalent strain in 2017-18 was only 25 percent effective.  Canada and Australia reported only 10 percent success rates for that strain in adults.  Can you imagine buying a car with these kinds of failure rates?

 The CDC also points out that 80 percent of flu-like illnesses are not influenza.  It lumps influenza and pneumonia deaths together, greatly exaggerating flu mortality data.  So here we go, subjective science.  In fact, at the most, 4 percent of pneumonia fatalities typically test positive for influenza, which means the CDC putting the two together as the eighth leading cause of death is entirely misleading.  So much for accurate government reports. Why do scientists, public servants, taxpayer funded experts, knowingly mislead like this?  What's the agenda?  This is why I don't trust any bureaucrat, any government report, any politician.  Not one.  The truth is always somewhere else.

 Influenza vaccines generally contain one or more of the following:  mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, squalene, antibiotics.  Yum.

 Folks, our culture is so far out of wellness understanding we don't have a long enough rope to lasso them.   It's downright depressing.  How do you tell them to quit jumping off the cliff?

 I go to church, and listen to the nurses whispering to folks:  "Make sure you get your flu shot."  Well-meaning all, but they've drunk the Kool-aid of the pharmaceutical industrial medical complex.   Why do people have such a compelling agenda to make drug companies rich?  And to so willingly and aggressively patronize something this obviously fraudulent?  If a normal person like you or I tried to pull off a fraud like this we'd be arrested and put on the front page of tomorrow's newspaper.

 What do you say to a friend or family member who asks you if you've had your flu shot?

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