Once in awhile something comes across my desk that is so good I just need to copy it.  Such is the case today.  This post by Diana Rodgers of The Sustainable Dish does not need embellishment, editing, or explaining.  It's right on:

 Yesterday, I learned that the NYC public schools would be participating in Meatless Mondays. On the surface, this seems like a harmless idea. Why am I getting so upset about it? One day without meat should be no big deal.

One of the biggest reasons I'm concerned is because the group is allowed to put anti-meat information in the schools. And they are not citing their sources or using credible science. Here are a few of the quotes 
from their memes:

"Global livestock production creates more greenhouse gas than the entire transportation sector."

"The energy required to produce a single 1/4 lb. burger would be enough power to charge your iPhone for six months!"

"Decrease your chance of getting diabetes by about 15% - Just skip a serving of meat every day and replace it with a vegetable protein like black beans or tofu."

"Producing a 1/4 lb. burger uses enough H20 to fill 10 bathtubs."

Not one of these statements are supported by evidence, yet these will be plastered all over NYC schools, teaching the evils of animal products to kids starting in kindergarten. Meat is a nutrient-dense food ideal for growing humans, and red meat in particular is actually much more sustainable, healthier, and less expensive the meat-free substitutes.

Meatless Mondays 
is sponsored by Beyond Burger and many other ultra-processed food companies. Does the story make more sense now? 

A similar program is rolling out in California, with lawmakers spending millions to convert public school lunches to completely meatless. Meanwhile, most of the kids who qualify for the program come home to fridges filled with free soda, courtesy of SNAP benefits.

 The folks putting out this propaganda have not studied farms like ours.  They've gleaned some data from the industrial, anti-ecological system, cooked some numbers, and come up with completely unsupported statements.  And our kids are swallowing it for the most part. 

 Question:  Where are the parents who will lay siege to the New York City schools to protect their kids from lies?