California wildfires are horrific.  We all know that.  I've addressed California's need to reduce fuel loads by grazing.

 But since animals are now taboo in California, the only solution is to do controlled burns.  But even that has the environmentalists soiling their pants.

 Governor Gavin Newsom has just declared a statewide emergency (apparently declaring emergencies is now the executive way to get anything done) to do tree thinning around 200 cities in the next year.    The list includes prescribed burns.  Some 35 projects are in the order.

 "The governor should reject this doomed, destructive approach" of thinning forests, said the Center for Biological Diversity.  I wonder what Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation who also opposes the plan has in mind.  Certainly not sheep.  Certainly not cows.  And certainly we need fake meat because animals are burping and farting and melting the polar caps.

 You see, dear people, the whole reason for herbivores across the planet is to prune vegetation and keep nature in balance through biomass freshening and functional plant CO2 intake.   Why is that so hard to understand? Reducing fuel loads by culling trees (I call that weeding the forest) and by grazing the undergrowth with livestock could actually cure last year's disease in which 1.7 million acres burned, including 14,000 homes and 85 people.

 Wildfires are nature's last resort to recycle biomass when it's old, piled up, and blocking juvenile, vibrant vegetation.  And no, you can't grow soybeans to feed fake meat vats on these California hillsides.  They're way too steep.  But you can grow, profitably and nutritiously, 4-legged mowers that make real food.  In case anyone forgot, this is the way nature has been doing things for a lot longer than Leonardo DiCaprio's foundation has been in existence.

 Let's connect the dots.  Herbivores are destroying the planet.  Soybeans will save us.  Reducing fuel loads in forests and fields is bad.  We need that fuel to feed wildfires which are superior ecologically to herbivores munching down the vegetation.  Folks, this kind of thinking makes you crazy if you dwell on it at all.  And you know what's most alarming?  These nonsensical people VOTE!

 I wish the governor would propose a grazing program instead.  Goodness, California ranchers and farmers constantly suffer from feed shortages.  They import millions of tons of irrigated alfalfa and other forages from irrigated desert places like Nevada and Utah.  Why not graze what's right there, in California, and leave the desert aquifers in place?  I confess that I no longer have any sympathy whatsoever for California wildfires.  I feel bad for the dead people and home loss, but where is the insurrection, the veritable pitchfork rebellion, to demand that the fuel loads be dropped by grazing and chain saws?  Oh, chain saws.  Now there's another demon.  But that's another post for another time. 

 Do you think a cow does more destruction than a wildfire?  Or even a prescribed fire?