Polyface WhatsGood Introduction

            If you live or work in selected areas around Washington D.C. you're privileged because wellness food is on its way conveniently, economically, and authentically. 

             WhatsGood work wellness food program is coming to Arlington, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg and Richmond in partnership with Polyface Farms, America's premier pastured livestock farm located in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley.  Over the last 5 years, WhatsGood pioneered a brand new buyer-centric platform to source local integrity food hyper-conveniently.

             Teaming up with businesses committed to employee wellness, this farm-food-fork interface offers authentic vetted sourcing from a cadre of artisanal producers, circumventing the cost, opaqueness, and staleness of more orthodox interfaces.  Turning businesses and their teams into whole-outfit wellness investors patronizing nearby farms solves a multitude of frustrations and facilitates wins for all involved.

             Like other food craft farmers around the U.S., Polyface historically conceived and operated a farm-centric universe offering spokes of access out to customers. 

This has become less efficient.  With an inverted patron-centric approach, the customer is the hub and Polyface, along with complementary farmers, are the outside of the wheel.  Such a revolutionary model solves many direct marketing logistics issues.  WhatsGood innovations prototyped in Rhode Island with great success can now be enjoyed here in Virginia. 

             Polyface is giddy about teaming up with an outfit that brings unprecedented service experience to our table, for both producers and patrons.  People who have wrestled with the difficulty of participating in higher quality food sourced locally will find this new platform gratifying and affirming.  Employers desperate to help their team eat better will endear themselves to their staff and community.

             This is the first effort to duplicate WhatsGood's success in Rhode Island elsewhere.  Polyface is honored to guinea pig the arrangements and relationships that can replicate throughout the country.  Our shared success can catalyze perhaps thousands of additional farmers and integrity food buyers throughout America.  Bringing more nutrient dense, life-bursting, land healing, community-centric food to America's kitchens is a sacred mission worth our investment.

             Polyface Farm thanks you for being part of our health and foodscape solution.  We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.  To support local producers like Polyface Farms in RI, Boston, and now VA, download the free WhatsGood app. Bring Wellness Food to your office by contacting Erin Tortora at 401-595-7516 or erin@sourcewhatsgood.com."